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"I am working with or love being a 80noir ambassador because I am a chocolate lover first and foremost. I have a sweet tooth, and as a Olympic marathon runner and a health professional working in the fitness industry as well as a Early Years certified teacher (Physical Education)... this can present a problem. My weight gain during the course of my athletic career fluctuated because once a training cycle ended, if I was in a moment of stress or when I was lacking sleep- sugar was a go to. I absolutely knew better, but sometimes you just want the sweets. I have over the years came up with recipes on my own to make sweets, but in healthier ways. I have turned to dark chocolate and putting them in the freezer and breaking them up into smaller pieces. But I often found that I would still eat more pieces than I should. When I came across 80noir, read more about it and attended the hot chocolate masterclass, I was hooked. I found that I could actually satisfy my sweet tooth and also fuel my performance and recovery. The best part about 80noir is the adaptability of the product ranges. I can use the bar to take with me to a cafe and ask for some hot water, knowing I could have a healthy drink on the go with no mess of powders. I could you it to fuel my performance by breaking off a piece of chocolate. But my absolute favorite reason I love about 80 noir is it's health benefits that come guilt free, especially using the spices along with 80noir in hot chocolate to create a kind of aromatherapy to calm the mind. The research behind making 80noir is quite impressive, and the time it took to curate the best chocolates that hits the spot had me sold.